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Friday, 30 March 2012

‘Fuck’ing in Modern Times

No! No! No! It is not porn. Don’t get the wrong idea just because I used the word ‘fuck’ and because I didn’t take the trouble to substitute the middle letters with fancy characters. I was not expecting children for readers and I firmly believe all who came up here are mature enough to distinguish fuck from ‘fuck’. So anyhow if it’s getting too uncomfortable for anybody then I promise to consider their sentiment and keep it to the minimal. If anybody did drop by expecting sleazy stuff then I do request them kindly to go somewhere else, not because I don’t want them to read my article in fact I would like from you to read it all and leave a comment and have a nice time. But I do not want to disappoint anyone so I may as well give a heads-up.

It was just recently when I was travelling in train that it happened; I was just fooling around the corridor walking to and fro without thinking much about anything and I accidently bummed into somebody who was obviously doing the same. And guess he just walks up to me and calls me a ‘Fuck Face’. How come he can identify the face I put up when I actually do it? I left that at it with a rather odd expression on my face but it got me thinking. People have become so accustomed to using this word in their public and private life that they can’t just keep it out of their mouth anymore. I does bothers me that people are now swearing on the fly, I know to expect chivalry and Victorian mannerisms is not realistic but a bit of civility can’t hurt, would it?

The one thing about our fast paced life is that we don’t have time to bother, we don’t have time to bother about ourselves much less the time to actually bother about what kind of words come in our mouth from time to time. Is this abysmal sense of civility what we would like to pass on to our children? I think it’s obvious whom to blame when  a child shows up with words such as ‘fuck’, ‘bitch’ , ‘whore’ and I you know I am sticking to the civiler ones. Please don’t misunderstand me for an ambassador of the ‘acclaimed’ moral police force but the truth is that I do not find it appealing that people educated and otherwise using words that are derogatory and offensive as a viable and acceptable form of small talk.

Every person has the liberty to use the words he like and the liberty to choose how and when he uses it too. I do use all the words I mentioned and many dirtier ones in my life but I don’t start every one of my sentences with ‘fuck’ or ‘bitch’. It’s unacceptable enough that you start swearing people for every little thing out there, but squeezing things like these (no I am not going to teach you anything your mother is going to be angry at me for ) them into every one of your sentences that’s way over the top of my head.

Often it amazes me how people manage to come up with random propositions that go with these words and give it horrendous meanings. It would not be a random surprise if it happens that ‘fuck’ is a word that goes with the most propositions out there. Then again I can neither advocate the use nor the disownment of such words but all I would like to propose a sensible use of them in life. You do have to say ‘fuck off’ when what you mean is really ‘fuck off’ but should you really have it in every sentence you utter? I can tell you one thing with at-most surety it’s not cool and definitely not Gen-Y, you are only fooling yourself if you think so!