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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Oh I love her
Light of my day, the dark of my night.
Her prowess exonerating my every thought.
I fall pray to her naughty taunts
I feel tendered in her every smile
Like the flower that blooms for the lusty sea winds
She blossoms to my every touch
Her glances falls not on my body 
But far deep they etch on my very being.
Her delightful cries ignite me to realms unknown
To lands of the addictive divine.
My soul and I are but unsullied slaves to her every wish
Her ecstasy is the only reward ever desired.
I am in love, yes but hooked I am to her
Like soul does to soul. Rare a event as the divine comets
In love but belongs to her I do
As part does to part to make one whole.
She is the meaning and the being
All that I am and I ever crave to be
In this life and much beyond the grave
Meant to be we are, to be together we are.
Oh my dear heavens. How I love her. 
How I wish I could put them all in words
With nothing more ever left to say. 

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Heaven is a place on Earth with You

Every morning I wish to wake up by your side, let your smile bright up my day. Every Saturday all I wish is to cuddle up to you under the bed sheet you picked. To feel your fragile skin against by bare chest and sniff the lovely scent of your hair. Every lousy evening all I want is to lie on your lap and laugh out loud at your silly jokes. All you have ever done is make my life a bit brighter every day and I have absolutely no idea what I have ever done to deserve you. The funny thing about life is it’s been too generous to me; after all it just gave me you.

Every time I see your eyes my mind takes a journey through all the stupid mistakes that took me to you. And when I look upon it now I know one thing for sure, every step was a step in the right direction, and every step just took me one step closer to you. Life was one hell of a roller coaster and I owe to god for being able to share it with you. Every now and then when I am scared I have a hand to catch on to and every moment of absolute pleasure I have someone to hug. Heaven is just a place on earth and it’s simply because I get to spend time. Heaven is just a place on earth because I have you.