Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

The book is unarguably beautiful but what is more beautiful is the untrained idea of death that is portrayed. Make no mistake this book is first and foremost about death and death alone, it talks of no survivors nor of martyrs. It takes of death as is. It talks of death as not having neither a prequel nor an epilogue bit one that is abrupt and harkens in the midst of life. It talks of that death that is quick, comes unannounced and interrupts life in it's track. Beautiful and realistic. 

This book is a crier, it's a book on cancer and it odd meant to be a crier. It touches you and leaves in it's wake a mark. It talks of a life in the verge of collapse and the struggle to be alive. It is the story of Hazel and Augustus and their unlikely romance, but it's not entirely a love story. It talks of their struggle with cancer but it's not a cancer book. It tasks of their family and the living and the subtle relationship they hold with the dying, their agony, their helplessness and their devastation but it's not just about it either. This book is about death and about dying and never about living.

It paints one of the best portrait of death i have read. This story of a star crossed cancer carrying couple and their enthrall eventual death. Thankfully the author does give the user some reprieve and doesn't abruptly stops his book like in the end of An Imperial Affliction by Houtten a frictional book but still it trails of in the midst but not before closure is delivered.

I rate this a four for all the buckets it filled with my tears and for the beautiful panorama of death it inscribes.

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Last Love

+Amrutha T  was not the first girl I loved. If she had been I might never have realized how special she is. In a way all my past failures were a prequel for this moment of truth. A series of necessary failures for making the one right choice.

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Simple Pleasures of Life

And to think I got to eat this all myself.

Belgium Bliss @ Baskin Robbins

PS : I love you and all but not that much I guess. +Amrutha

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Forever yours...

The pursuit of love is a never an easy one, many search all their life for the one thing that they have read about in poems and prose in vain. Many lose heart and sadly many more lose hope in their pursuit of the love but sadder still is the lives of men who settle for much less than what have searched for.

Love the platonic love ( love has to be platonic there is no other way any other is but a compromise of the nature I foretold) is never easily found, for if it where easy and abundantly available what value would it ever hope to possess. The very fact that love is praised and priced would only mean that it is exquisite in nature and magnificent in existence. One has to born to the star of great luck, on ones birth the gods must have smiled for him to find what he seek and forever perish in the holy union of what was ones severed by Apollo himself. I believe now that I am one such soul, inadvertantly lucky.

In your arms I find peace for the whole world melts into heaven in a place so holy as that. Against your bosom my heartbeats newly into thine in one melodious symphony of life. In your lips dies I and reborn I am as the prophet of love only to die an infinite times more and be born again every time a bit wiser a bit less blind. You are to me the creator and the destroyer of worlds and when we are one, us is infinite you and I are infinite we are infinite. Forever yours.

In this hour when our families have embarked together on a journey that will forever bind their destinies as a shared heritage. I prophess my love you renewed and as blazing as ever.

I am declaring our inevitable engagement now, details and time and date will follow suit in due time and with due diligence.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

An Year in Happiness

Ever since I started this year I was looking forward to take up some kind of project, something for my blog. I took up the good treats challenge and to an extent play I played it safe. But now they no longer satisfy me. I am perennially bored and uninspired, what I need is a breast of fresh air. I am in a grave need for a task to look forward to, something hot but at the same time fruitful something to remember this year by. 

The first thing I date what's up my stakes in the good-reads challenge to a 100 books this year. I managed 82 last years and that was not so easy and this year it is going to bite my arse off. Now that's what I call a good challenge. But somehow that doesn't seem good enough; I need something, something more to push myself. I need something to push me over the edge of comfort and into the abysmal oblivion that the unknown presents. I think that is what I need a leap of faith.

That’s when I came across the 365 challenge, Its pretty simple really, post every day for the rest of the year. Okay that sounds simple enough, but in practice its yet another matter. Who am I kidding by proclaiming that I can do that, I know I cant. To do a post a day I would have to end up posting pictures of random cats, cars and what not (no offence to the ones that do it by the way, I am sure its definitely not desperation that motivates you to do that). So that is not going to happen. 

After that I arrived at the Happiness Project (Its surprising how many odd challenges you can find out there at this time of the year), yet another 365 days challenge that is more focused for that matter. The purpose of this one is to post continuously for the next 365 days and to make sure that every day you post about one thing that makes you happy. Truly I liked this one but I figured it would curtail my literary freedom. Its pretty much like accepting that for the next year that’s all I am going to do. 

Finally I arrived at something that I figured is worthwhile and it involves a bit of both and none of both. I though I would do a customized Happiness Project and I thought I would make it a personal choice and challenge rather than just a blog challenge. I thought or rather I decided that I will be happy this year and the blog will reflect that. I thought I will dedicate this year to happiness and resolve that whatever post that I post in this blog this year, no matter now sinister and disdain I will make the ending happy and tinted with hope. An easy challenge on the blog front and at the same time a very difficult challenge on the personal front.