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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Memoirs of a Dream


Hi Honey!

What are you doing ?

Nothing dear. Nothing at all.

Then why did you close your laptop when I came in?

Oh! Hmm... Just like that. I thought you were saying something.

Don't think I am a fool. I have been seeing you for a long time now. In fact I know you from such an young age. Tell me what were you doing in you laptop and why did you close it when I came in.

I told you its nothing, It was just some job related stuff.

Hmm... Don't tell me you were watching...

NOOO! I promised you right, I don't watch it now a days.

Show me!

Oh! so now you don't trust me at all? right I should have known such a day will come. I knew it ever since I married you and even before that when I was in love with you. But why dear? Why?

Oh! Honey, I didn't mean to hurt you.

I know but....

I am sorry honey, Do one thing I will get you your favorite coffee and will watch news with you. Okay?

You will do that much for me?

Do you want more sugar or not?

I do, I do. 

*gasp* Phewwww.

Three days before

Arun, Help me out buddy.

What happened now?

Nothing happened but if I don't do something now, Something definitely will happen to me.

Did you promise Ammu something and then not do it?

Not exactly, But our first wedding anniversary is just around the corner and I have nothing at all planned.

He He. Oh god! you are done for.


Okay, Okay. Hmm let me think ... I think you should do something special.

Yeah! I don't need you to tell me that? :P

Do you want my help or what?

I do, Do continue Maharaj.

Why don't you go on a holiday?

I wish I could take her abroad, you know she has never been any where outside India

Of course I know that idiot.

But that would be too costly, especially when its so near by.

Why don't you try, I think John was telling that it is a beautiful website and things come cheap online these days.

But how do we know? I mean can we trust them.

Good John is here why dont you ask him directly.    Arre! John. Do come here.

We will ask him about the details and he would know more about it.



Hey Guys! 

John, Arvind wants to go on a trip and I was just telling about the wonderful time you had with Why don't you give him the details.

Oh about that! It was such a wonderful time, We went to Thailand and we booked a package through Such a good service they gave and everything was taken care of.  I started by...

After one Month

Me and my wife, walked out of the Changi Airport for the first time in our lives. Our heart was beating so fast as the moment we have waited for a long time has come at last. I had promised my girl friend once in our college days that I shall take her to Singapore and today I was making it happen.Finally I had kept my promise after all these years. And for her it was her childhood dream that was about to come true. She had always wanted to step into the world of gardens and beautiful streets that had donned her magazine clippings. The places she so heartily carried in her little heart for years together. Just as we were stepping out into the city, she clinged to my had and her eyes were fixed on the arrival gate. There was a mix of anxiety and wonder in her face., Her eyes were dancing and I could hear her heart beating. Together we walked slowly and carefully to the entrance of our dreams.

Five days later

We were back at the the amazing concrete city in itself they call the Changi Airtport once again. We were once again moving slowly through the gigantic path ways, if it was because of anxiety and excitement we were slow up on arrival, it was out of reluctance to return to the real world from this dream that was slowing us now. The last few days were splendid,from the flamboyant rooms in the expensive pan pacific to the opulence of spicy south Asian cuisine from Chinatown. The rich and vibrant colours and the flaming dragons that adorn the very nature of Singapore. The beautiful parks and the many hours spent staring at the beautiful harbor. Te mesmerizing esplanade and the walks through its many gallerias. The nights in its busy streets and the coziness of having her in my arms. This much needed trip has not just refreshing but did also rekindled our love in many ways that imaginable. There is so much to thank for, but not the least of them is the amazing offers that they gave, which made our dream a reality.

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Little Sister !

Guess who's the real princess. Huh!

                                Its been a long and dramatic wait. Such long phone calls and such a gigantic packing up. Shes been packing for a long time. When ever we call my aunt shes packing. She puts in her cute little sketches, her year book,even her teddy bear or an elephant, I cant remember which,. Oh! Then again only god knows what else she packed. Every now and then I would want her back here after all most of  the year we are half a world apart and shes the only sister i have ever known and I will ever have.

                                Ever time she calls she says always of how much wanna meet us. She is just in First Grade and she knows us all. I clearly remember the last time she came. Its was her first time . She had only heard our voices and she actually believed we lived inside her phone. When she came to visit us for the first time, She was so thrilled and was wondering how all the people in her phone came along with her and she never noticed them.

Snow Balling in dodge ridge
                                This is much more personal than anything I have ever written, From the superficial to the 'off topic' things we have discussed. From the crazy to the insane. But this, This is every bit really what i feel right now! this very moment. For a start I should tell the truth, I have for ever wished for a sister and I have finally got this one. Be us far apart but she will forever be my cuddly cute little doll. I love her for all she is. Her cute smile that stretches across her cheek or the locks or hair that runs down untidily across her little face.

                                She may just be a small girl but she sure is a big handful! Every time she sees me, She screens out loud and runs yelling " u aint gonna catch me ". She never gets tired of our little game of catching. When I finally stop chasing, She would sneak up on me, teasing me and taunting me into chasing her again. She would pop her little head over the sofa or from under a curtain. She would peep over the staircase or hide herself behind someone. Our game and its so much fun when its with her, that i just wait for her force me into chasing her. She had got her yearbook and she showed me all the infinite things she had done from the princess for Halloween to her Kindergarten Graduation ceremony.

                                Now the best part about my sister is always when we go shopping. Oh its such a nightmare with her running around the entire place, wardrobe and the stands and the people and god knows what else. There is so much to see that she wants to be at all places at once, I suppose. Her giggle is all that we can get to follow her up in the impenetrable crowd. I would certainly like to know how she manages to get around all these people. Poor girl, When she wants something she would just whisper it into our ears and makes really sure that her mommy is not watching. We sneak buy things and roam around exploring  the entire place ( only when she decided she had enough running around ). Never a shy person she gets along so well. She would climb on us with the ease of a monkey.

                                Now today when she left, I feel so empty. I had so much to do the past couple of weeks that my tomorrow is blank. I have no one to cuddle and no one to run after. Its feels so empty and silent. May be its just a couple of days after all i have two brothers and one in 3rd grade. It will be fun as usual taunting and irritating him.  Its just another years wait till my little sister drops by for her summer vacation.

Bon Voyage Dear .