Friday, 14 December 2012

My Bucket List

  1. Go on a World tour.

  1. Go skydiving.

  1. Go Bungee Jumping.

  1. Go diving.

  1. Publish a novel.

  1. Marry my girlfriend.

  1. Have One million page views on my blog.

  1. Learn Swimming.

  1. Learn to play Guitar.

  1. Publish my poems.

  1. Build a large telescope.

  1. Get a star named after my wife.

  1. Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world.

  1. Go to a renaissance fair dressed as shakespeare.

  1. Go to disneyland.

  1. Build a house and Make it a home.

  1. Win a first place in a indiblogger contest.

  1. Sponsor a child.

  1. Get an aquarium.

  1. Buy a small electric car.

  1. Revamp my philatelic collection.

  1. Change a person's life for the better.

  1. Go on  a trip without watch, mobile phone and no map.

  1. Read 500 novels.

  1. New year in Sydney with my wife.

  1. Go to Kailash, bath in Mansarovar

  1. Go to Antarctica


  1. Here's wishing you the best to cross each item off from your bucket list :-)

  2. Great... Hope everything comes true.All the very best!

    Village Girl

  3. Hey, I made a Bucket List a While Back too....I just hope you can strike off items off your list soon enough!! Everyone should make bucket lists and get them done because life is so short...we're so filled with regrets all the time.

    Keep me posted as you strike off every item off your list!! I want to read and review 500 novels too :D :D

    1. Thank You! I am working hard on some of these items currently.

  4. Bucket List helps us to keep track of the things we want to do in life... Here's wishing you all the best to finish off that list!

  5. Looks like your bucket is heavy as mine. may this bucket goes empty and gets ready for yet another refill. :P good wishes.

  6. Superb list, Mr Wind. :) Start ticking them off. All the very best. :)It might be difficult to find the most beautiful girl in the world. But it if you do, make sure you kiss her before you marry your girlfriend (unless of course they're both the same person.) :D.
    Have an 'adipoli' weekend, ok.

    1. I am hoping that they be the same thing, otherwise I am in trouble. :P

      You too have a wonderful weekend.

  7. My best wishes your way and hope you get to do each one of them ..


  8. hi, you have a very ambitious list :)I wish let them become true

    1. I know, whats life without a little ambition? Thank you!

  9. All the best Rupertt !! Interesting bucket list.


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