Monday, 26 September 2011

The Death of A Nobody

It feels ridiculous that I write about it. it is completely insane that you have to mourn about the death of a person whom u barely knew. In fact her death didn’t even get me thinking in the cliques. I had not thought of the afterlife, neither have I thought of the reality of mortality. In fact it hasn’t gotten me thinking at all. That’s why I most certainly must write about it. It does bother me that her death didn’t bother me.

And who was she? I am not keeping any surprises here; It is not a thriller, it just a true piece and I could get myself to write a literary piece. It’s not that I don’t want to, I always wanted to but eventually they turn up something altogether different. But of course where were we. Yes! Her, she was my neighbor, and that’s all. She was my neighbors, whom I hardly saw and I hardly talked to. There she would be most afternoons sitting in patio, staring at the evening sky. I always thought she might be waiting for her dead husbands return, I always thought of it to be very romantic. But, I suppose she didn’t have anything much to do than stare at the afternoon sun.

It’s been eleven years now, since I moved in. The neighborhood has quite and passive, it did not have the great athletes or the outlandishly gorgeous girls in it. It was an ordinary neighborhood with ordinary people living in it. It’s an ideal place for honest people making honest living, and the one thing that I adored the most since I moved in was… ‘No one cared’. But then there were some who did their bit and she was one of them. She never pried but she always inquired. In the eleven years of being neighbors she came calling hardly twice, once it was with the invitation for her grandchild’s wedding and the second, I can hardly remember why she came the second time. Most of her acquaintance was my mother which was on a strictly ‘we chat on the street when we see’ basis.

She was there ever since I remember my new home, she was there when we had the moving in and she was there when my granddad moved in nearby. Of course I never cared enough to enquire. But I do remember her; I remember seeing every day sit in her patio. She would be there watching the birds and the trees, feeling the wind and the air and when she had a couple of children in her household, she had herself an upgrade. Now she used spend her time watching them play in their courtyard. I know those punks; they were naughty and way out of their minds. They were so themselves that they could drive any man so crazy that they would want to change their permanent residence to St. Claire’s. Oh! For those of who don’t know, that’s an asylum. If u still don’t know what I am talking about let’s just say it’s a place where they keep people with very serious issues.

It’s understandable, on second thought not even worth thinking twice, it’s just obvious why she would just sit and watch them run in circles as they were orbiting some imaginary planet. But, that what she was and that’s all she was. She was the woman who sat by her patio every evening watching her grandchildren play. And then she dies, just like than one day, I get a call and my mom says she is no more. Oh sure she didn’t put it that dry, She called in and said “Dear, Do you remember the old lady across the street? She just passed away”. She said it subtle and simple, but still the same thing.

I don’t miss her and I could care less. But to tell you the truth, if that was all I wouldn’t be writing this anyway, would I? The fact is something feel void now, Come on, till a couple of days ago she was there and now she’s not. Every time I look at that house, it immediately strikes me, it’s not just something misplaced, and it’s rather something missing. The event and the relation might be much less stronger. She is dead and she is not going to comeback. It’s not hard to accept that, nevertheless I did just finish writing about it. I had no idea what I had to write when I began and I have no idea where I stand now, but I did write and I wrote it all. May her soul rest in peace.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Remembering my Great Grand Mother

There was a picture hung by the wall of by old countryside home, it was a gray scale picture of three young girls and a grandmother. At first I wondered who they would be and I kept until one day when I asked my grandfather who those girls were? He held me up in his arms and pointing to the picture with other hand. He told me that, it was my mother and her sisters. I was so shocked for till then I definitely believed that they were born that way and they will remain so for all eternity. If I recall my grandpa’s version of the story I cried, but mind you, I never accepted his claims what so ever.

Years later I came in terms with my mother and her sister who are so big now being so little then, The thing that still caught my attention every time I  looked at that picture is old lady in the picture with silver hair and a grandeur that was there in her face. Her stance had a stature that I seldom saw in people then and before. By the time I procured all the courage to ask who she was it was then again years later. This time I asked my grandpa who would be by then asked all kind of stupid questions by me, who she was. And He said she was a grandmother and I was confused. I already had one grandmother and extended him the same enquiry with an ‘innocent smile’ (in his words). He smiled and said of course you have but she was my mother grandmother so my great grandmother she was!

From then own I heard a million wonderful stories of her and her life, she was never a stereotype and she was always a person I grew up to respect. I never knew her and she was long gone the time I was born. But still I loved her and I loved the picture of hers. There was definitely something special about her and it was evident in the picture. My mother told me many wonderful memories of her’s. She told me of her times with her grandma and how wonderful a person she was. All these stories I used to create for myself the great grandmother who was truly great for me by them. Great as in life as in day dreams she was.

Born in the dark times to a wealthy aristocratic family, she was never the one for stereotypes. When education and profession eluded women, she showed the courage to step up and break down the barriers. She learned and exceled and then became a teacher, the first one from anywhere in her area. But that was not all, my mother always told me how she used to manage her carrier and the large paddy fields she inherited and all her children all alone. She was the most respected one of her lands and the local folks used to come to her for permission. She loved her men as they loved and respected her back.

My mother used to tell whenever gypsises came to the lands near hers they would come ask her permission before they would go anywhere. This is just one among the many stories I heard of my great grandmother. There is one another story that I always loved. My aunt told me once that whenever they went to hers for the summer breaks she would have by then plucked all the mangos in her plantation and hid it neatly under the hay stacks so that they would be ripe and the three of them would go scavenger hunting for mangoes.

I do wish I was there to witness it all. Bound in these concrete jungles of modern times, these little good times are for memories alone and any one who dares to dream of it as anything else is bound to disappointment as always. Those are the good time that will never be back upon us and they are special people who will be born once and if u missed them then you missed them. There is no going back. Yet I wish that was not true.

When a bird came calling

There is no day such as this that suits the writing of a piece as this. A tribute to her, on her birthday, telling no more than how “I miss u to” her. Our story took a sweet twist recently when out of the blue I got a call from an old from of mine. He called me up and told me she had asked my number and he was going to send it to her. I didn’t hesitate and seized the moment to get cell number and dial her up.

Of all the decisions I made in life that one of those which I will be thankful to myself for a very long time to come. That single day from just another day to the best day in a long time. Now just one month from that wonderful day I am still as happy as I was that day when I called her up. The initial excitement might have worn off but then still I really do have her with me. It is wonderful how life turns around in a couple of moments. People who you believed lost forever, whose memories you tried so hard to bury. Whose funerals you vowed to miss no matter what, just so that memories of past will not be dead weight upon your legs for years to come. Those who you wish never knew so that you would not miss them like this, so that they would not come again and again in your day dreams reminding you what you lost.  And after all this, they still coming walking into your lives killing all those memories you made up and trashing your castle of lies to the lies like a house of cards. They come in as if nothing has ever happened.

But, even when all the above still stand true, I just realized what have I earned. I earned another shot at life, I got what many people never get in their live, I got a second chance. When I her again, when I saw her smile just again, I would feel my heart well up and I had to try it all to avoid it reflecting in my eyes. The moments of awkward silence that followed where not silence as she might have seen, but times of great conflict tried hard to hide. She might have felt it bad that I did not talk at first and found it rather odd on my usually talkative self. All those nights of frivolous preparation that I had of how our meeting will be after all these time. But one thing about all this I really liked, she was what I remembered her to be and wanted her to be. She was herself.

After so many log years, it’s wonderful to have back your friends. People who supported you and encouraged you in each step you took. The people who pushed you off the cliff, because you were you afraid to open you wings and flap it hard. She was the one who made who I am today and it was wonderful to have her back in my life.

Today on her birthday, I would just sit and think of all the time we spend together and all the stupid things we did together and now that she is back in  my life, I have a lot of new stupid things to look forward to. This story just got started; I can feel it in the winds and in the air. We have a million plots to go through before we reach the last chapter.

Happy birthday my dear !

Friday, 2 September 2011

The New Blogger Interface !

It’s been time, it’s like the breath of fresh air, and So long we have been stuck to the old and rusty interface that it really needed a change. Ever Since Google rolled out its new interface for G mail, I have been waiting for such a change to happen to the blogger interface as well. And now, it’s here. Blogger finally got a new interface for itself after all. There been rumors and speculation but lately I have been worried it would never happen but it’s here and it’s a cause for celebration.

A makeover just like G mail

Looks like Google been following a trend around its new interfaces, It showcases the same styles and gradients and colors quite like its recently rolled out G mail interface and its feed burner interface and of course not  to forget the trend setter, Google Plus. Google's been trying to strike up a similarity between its various services, talk about getting it all under the same umbrella. The Orange and cream theme style that popped up with the Google plus, which then has been extended to G mail provides a clutter free interface to work on.

The old way of too much things in too little space has been changed to a well-organized yet feature rich interface. The primal lack of the interface as pointed out during its implementation in the G mail is the lack of interface customization which is it still suffers from. Google though makes the new look available does not gives users any more control than it has been in its previous interfaces.

Dashboard and Page overview

The new dashboard is cleaner and much better thought of than the previous one. They have managed to lose all the extra buttons and have ended up grouped together in a single drop down menu reduced to a small cleanly placed along with the page link.

Every page now has a little overview tab that is by default the greeting window for any page and shows all the recent facts about the particular blog. Especially the new page view and the associated features that have been added under the Stats have been fairly useful. These have managed to provide the power of Google’s analytical skill ones solely provided through the Feed Burner now easily accessible.

Greater Control

The main pop out thing about the new interface is its ability to provide greater control and flexibility to any blogger. Any person who has been using Blogger from time to time for some time might most probably find the new interface refreshing and very easy to use. The well organized and carefully placed into a sleek tab set. There nothing catchy around the new interface just old school elegance.

The new user offers greater control in the sense provides a bigger and well sorted tool set especially for Layout planning and Template management. Comment moderation and Stats has been updated. Stats have been a newly added feature into Blogger which has undergone tremendous improvement over its former versions.

Simpler Writing Area

The writing area now features a more text editor look that the previously cramped space provided. The new Blogger provides a cleaner and faster multimedia upload tool and has undergone a revolutionary change in terms of touch and feel. It has been much more properly put with the writing area extending to the full screen size but no significant improvement has come over the tool set, sadly it’s the same.

Earnings and AdSense

The Earnings and AdSense column has been cleaned up along with the blog. It now offers a seamless interface. It also connects better with your AdSense account and collates the data better than in its previous avatar. Its ability to have more access to features once limited to Feed Burner service increases the user experience a notch up.

Same Old Story in a new Box

The same old story in a new box that’s all about the new Blogger interface in its totality. The new interface has managed to do what it did to G mail to Blogger as well. It has managed to de clutter the interface and makes the overall experience great. But that to the limit the innovations has been limited to. Other than greater cross feature support with Google’s Feed Burner service nothing new has been released along with the theme release. No new gadgets, No new features and absolutely no new anything worth noticing at all, just a shiny new interface.

Google’s janitors has managed to listen to the user’s long term needs and cleaned up the Bloggers former interface which was in use for quite a lot of time now and was crying for a change. But sadly Google has only managed to clean up the surface, the contents have managed to stay the same irrespective of the upgrade. May be sooner Google will be able to give us a nice little upgrade over the old tools.

Google have done a great job with the new interfaces and deserves the praise for that never the less. Hail Google !

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Story of a Kiss

" The day was dry, moments wary ,
and then there was the kiss.
The sun shone and clouds gone,
and there was the Spring
Butterflies had come, birds sang
and then there was the KISS. "

This is the story of my very first kiss, of how our lips wrote a new story. The very first of our secrets was born that day, when my lips touched the soft skin of her cheek and the next was born when hers made the slightest impression upon my temple. To lock your lips in a frantic desperate kiss may be exciting, but this was exquisite. The kiss was classy, so was her smile, the way her eyes lit up and the faint lines on her face popped up adding the lightest rosy tinge to her pale face. She was beautiful as ever then.

The details are the part of a very precious memory, something that will be remembered no matter how life turns out to be. Those were moments of decision, the moment when you decide is it the one you will live with. I have heard from somewhere that when it comes to love whether you are going to go the length no matter how long it turns out to be is the true test of your love. Kissing is sure the way to find that out, Kissing is not just about passion and tongues getting twisted in a cannibalistic macabre, but it is the like the dew drops settling upon the rose petals even without waking up the little flower.

I do miss the days of these prince princess kisses !

The thing that most specifically appeal striking to me about my first kiss is that it were at a time when we were still more of friends and less of lovers. May be cupid saw his chance then and moved in, as i discovered the most beautiful girl in the world as she cuddled by me. These kisses were more than just kisses, they were exchanges, excahnges of soul and feelings and some mystical bond was strengthening slowly in the deapths of our hearts. We were getting bounded by a bond stronger than anyother, yet so invisible. Thus the kiss had grown and had united us in one

As I sit now and write about it, I can see the events of that wonderful day unfold before my eyes, like a movie being played back. I can savour the scent in the air and the ambience that were set that day. The details sit at the cosiest part of my heast to write about, but one thing can be told. The kiss was magical, too good to be true. The smile that broke after that, striking a curve through her delicate lips and the way her eyes lit up and wetted those were the things for the most precious of my memories. I still remember her face that day like it was just moments ago. Those were time when moments stopped and universe howered. 

True love may meet but once and to have it is one thing but to recognize it when it is right there, in front of you is another. They call it star crossed and we call is 'kismet'. Love is always adorable how it pans out affects anything and everything around you. you see flowers and butterflies you have never seen before, its not that they were not there but you were too narrow to notice. Love widens you up and a kiss can tell you whether you are in the love you want to be in.

Ever since my first kiss and the love of my life ( not the first one ) I have had the most bedazzled life ever. Yes, Mine is still a short time on earth but i belive life is measured not in years but by the life lived. Belive me when I say my last year with her was the best I ever had and it still looks to get better only. One year, It just has been one year but the spark is not gone and it feels like its been ages since in love. Wow! wonderful was what that kiss did to me.

This is the story of my very first kiss and it is not going to end anytime soon. As new stories are wriiten and new character are born I should tell you this. Keep your eyes open wide and heart wider, you never know when your star croosed other choses to pay you a a visit.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Way to go Jobs!

These are difficult times and Apple sure is going to miss their man at the helm! When Steve Jobs announced that he doesn't see himself fit to perform his duties anymore as the CEO of apple, they just did not lose another employee, they had lost the one man who had done it all for the Apple. If Apple is Apple today, then Steve Jobs made it so. Every single one of their reverberating products were the brain child of this man,, They call him their greatest innovator and the world calls him the greatest business man in the world.

An Apple without Jobs that is something to see! With Tim cooks who was is poised to step into the chair that was once donned by a modern day legend, things might just get interesting. What is to be watched is how a soft spoken simple man like him going to handle the vessel that was till then handled by a larger than life, fearless and instinctive person like Jobs. With android already having over 500K activation daily, Apple has some serious things to handle in the coming days.

Steve was a savior for Apple at many a times, saving a near disaster turn of events after Macintosh and the liaison with longtime nemesis Microsoft. Steve jobs was able to persuade music companies to release tracks over iTunes even when the world of music producers were scared to death of pirates. With apples every new release the Jobs touch was evident. A perfectionist who believed that their products must be the best there is to date. There were even tales of Jobs firing people over their bogus and not so good ideas.

Apples products under his tenure were not just run away successes; they were segment definers, fashion statements and things that you can’t live without. They opened up arenas that were previously unknown, they beamed ideas never thought of before. The music Player was there but iPod was different, so different that iPods are never called a mere music player.

Did you know! That Steve was the one who actually invented personal computer, the personal computer with the mouse and the windows as we know it today came from his gifted mind. The release of Apple II the first practical personal computer was their first ever runaway success and then followed the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. The many more products that they have lined up for the future are going to be just as perfect.

This is not something altogether unexpected by any, Steve was ill for quite some time now and it has been reported that her himself has started feeling the ailments that he thinks it would interfere with his ability to lead as he did till then. Like any great leader, instinctive and responsible, he stepped down when he felt it time. He had spent his life time nurturing this institution, that at a time when it is standing tall with all its glory. What greater time to bow out than in the zenith of glory. He leaves Apple a grown firm after guiding it through childhood and teenage. He has decided it’s time to let go

With or without Jobs Apple is going to reap up money, their market share is unprecedented by anyone and they have what it takes to keep it that way. It is to be seen what the stepping down of Steve has done to the Apple Inc., but expecting too much reverberation is futile. A mature firm like Apple would not have much of a shaking from this unfolding of events. With Steve still in the board of directors apple knows where to turn to in times of trouble

Best of luck Tim Cooks on your new job. Filling his shoes may not be easy , But if Steve sees you fit we have little worry !

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Celebrating Independence ...

"At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. "

                                 Sixty four years back on this day , A simple man called Nehru said these immortal words, Not just any random set of words . He said those words that from then on was the symbol of the nations freedom. He gave his fellow men the words the yearned for over a century. sixty four years from then , we stand today celebrating our freedom , our hard earned freedom. Today I walk free , because great men of great courage and values has shed their blood for me. Because men stood with open chest and adamant gaze as bullets rammed into their hearts.

child with tricolor
                                 Today, I owe them this tribute, It is but the bare minimum that I could be doing to honor their great sacrifices. What if they were not courageous enough, what if they did not care and went on with their lives. I may not be living in a free world, I may not have the rights that i gleefully enjoy today. There is  a price and they did not wait to pay it. The seized the day and they laid their lives in the line. They new that they had to do it , not just for their freedom but also for a nations . The set examples and laid glorious paths to take, They looked death in the eye and smiled their way.

                                 When in this world men cant live without arms and ammunition , I am proud to say we won our freedom with prayers and silent protests. My country men did not shoot, they sacrificed , they defeated their enemies not with hatred , but with care and love. They earned for their right to live and be free, but not by taking away other right to live but by sacrificing ones it the altar of righteousness. They fought and fought hard, they were no less a soldier than any of today's armed to the teeth ones. They carried no gun , and they did not count their bullets , but still they won a war , not just any war they war for their freedom, but the freedom of their countrymen as well.

                                 I may be praising and praising them a lot, but they deserve every bit they get. in fact they deserve even more. These praises they may not desire , they will not desire , they seek not rose petals on their paths. They never there would be thorns and they wanted thorns. The freedom got easily would not have been of any value. What is hard one is what that is most valued.

A Tribute to our national heroes.

                                 This my nation and this is her sixty fifth birthday , I shall celebrate it and celebrate it with the same spirit that my fellow men celebrated it sixty four years back. I shall close my eyes and savour the spirit, I shall pray and I shall remember the numerous men and women who gave me this freedom. Our's is a great nation , has always been a great nation and It shall always remain a great nation. On this day we celebrate what is that we have earned, Our Freedom.

Happy Independence Day Folks !

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A day in the park!

                              I think I have lately redeveloped my taste in photography yet again. Enjoying another day in the park after quite a long time in the concrete jungles was so rejuvenating. With lots of butterflies , tons of greenery and of course a brand new camera. Strolling trough the lawns with lots of time in my hands and no work at all , I was simply clicking away.

Trees along the road.
                              Loaded with birds and their chirps , The unending walkways seemed too short for the day. With rain threatening to come down any minute , the air was cold and there was a soothing breeze. Magical ! that's what it was , with streaks of sunlight glowing through the small gaps in the puffy clouds. It all made the place look heavenly. 

                              As the sun bid adieu , making the guardians of green grow sad . His light shone trough the canopy as he embarked on his mighty descent. A beautiful day with many a beautiful memories , that's what today was !

More photos of my trip !

A green walkway

Chasing birds !

Finally I caught him on my camera .
Just another row of banyan trees

For more High resolution photos from my trip visit here

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Living near the World's Richest Temple.

                                  It all started very fast , one day there was just a temple and in a week I found myself living at top a 22 billion dollar treasure. Wonderful ! , A temple that I have visited every now and then , A place were I used to take leisurely strolls in divine tranquility. Today that very place houses one of the greatest treasures ever found in the world. The treasure is estimated to be accumulated over a couple hundred years and today it has a base value of a whopping 22 billion dollars , now that's just the values of the material and not the antiquity value or the value after craftsmanship is included. If you start adding all that factors up it may go well beyond a 100 billion dollar. 

                                  One day a retired diplomat decides that there is some irregularities in the temples way of dealing with its riches which were to then unaccounted for over  400 years. He took the matter to court and then acquired an order to ascertain the exact level of treasure hidden in the temples six vaults. This person who lives quite near to temple had made the efforts in showing the world what the lord had in store for them. As the court appointed special team inspected each vault the amount of treasure simply kept increasing and in multiplied and added in rates that none ever imagined and making the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple the richest temple in all of the world.

                                  As with all treasure we have our beliefs as well , the person who went to court for opening of the treasures died in less than a month of his victory, T.P. Sundarrajan aged 72 years , a former officer of the Indian Police Service and a lawyer died giving rise to a whole lot of small talks about curses and evil . One more vault is left to be opened and many believe here that the opening of the last vault will unleash great wrath    and famine in all of the lands.

                                   Living atop such a vast treasure is silly thing , many people who lived peacefully near the temple are now living in the fear of being evicted any time. The speculations and the facts about the increase of security is bound force these poor 'brahmins', who likes to live in the shadow of the lord and worship him day and night out of their homes. Though many have left their fate to the lord they live in constant fear of losing their homes. Though many of us appreciate the uncovering of the vast treasure and is proud of more than just rich lord, there are time we have wished it should not have been discovered just yet. We no longer can roam as freely around the temple , which for many have once been like a play ground. Yes the temple was famous then , and people used to come to see the lord and now there is no place to stand in the temple. Once there were time we could see the lord anytime and in a matter of months we have to wait in queues for hours at end just to see him for a moment.

                                   The temple is gone no more the old one ,No more can we go there as free as we had done for so many years before.But , the treasure had to be found and we are proud of it. As we have the saying we believe, 

" What happened , what happens and what will happen are all for the greater good" 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tell me What Love is

                                I have been sitting here long enough. I have seen many a sunrise and many a sunset , I have thought hard and long. Every moment in life flashed before me  and relived every moment I have lived. Carefully caressing every memory of mine. Still then I look up at the sky, I still cant find my answer. Where is the flair and where is the passion. Where is every of those moments in life I have witnessed the sparkle, where are the times I rejoiced in love. The moments of intimacy and where is the endless hours I stared into her golden eyes?

                                I have never married, at least not yet! But I have been committed and I have dreamt many a life for myself. Many a times I have bit to the every last straws to keep those moments from vanishing for ever. Every girl I lost I was convinced she was not mine to be with , but still I never wanted to be the one to give up on it , may be that is not fair , may be I should have told the truth. The truth I was too afraid , too afraid to lose the moments they have given, too afraid in finding a new person for me. What if I find no one else , What if the next is even worse. I have not been fair and then I have not been in love as well. They might just have been relationships of convenience.

                                There were times of magic in life that one remembers life by, and by the grace of god I have many to live with. There were times when every thing under the sun was made of gold and all I could see where flowers and butterflies and gardens and beauty. There were times I thought I knew what love was and there were time I thought I owned love. But for every one of those times love has had surprises form me. May be god did want to empty my hand for the ultimate prize. May be I already have her.

                                The magic in the first touch and the softness of the first kiss that many talk of, I wonder sometimes whether I have found or not. Sometimes its the silence or sometimes its the rain that brings in the love , May be love is not something to always have like the heart beat but may be its something that come and goes like the spring. I have heard poets talk of love and I have read writer write of love, But those are things that are still left for me to experience. 

                                There again I stand by the sea shore, where the waves break open there heart and sweeps away ones sorrow. I can no more run and I can no more hide , I need to know and I know I am entitled for the answer. In whose quest I have been I think already have , but I need to know for sure, What I have now is unlike anything I have ever had , It's surely exceptional . But , is it love , I need to be sure. I need to know what is love.

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

She had a Doggy!


                                    My Girlfriend had a doggy and he was called Rocky! Though I was always jealous of him, there were times I loved him. He may not to be to me what he had been to her. It’s a funny story, a funny story how life unfolds to us all in ways unimaginable and often it has a sad ending. Its but inevitable I suppose.

                                    It was his funeral two days back and ever since then I miss him much or rather I miss my girlfriend missing her rocky.

                                    It is a good story how it all started, She had rocky even before we first met. She was so afraid of him that she would not touch him at all and would run screaming had he came closer that a few yards. But at the same time she loved him, She loved the little rocky running around her country home and eat her chickens. I didn’t know when rocky turned vegetarian or when he had enough of the smelly chickens he soon seized eating her chickens. By the way I forgot he was a good golden German shepherd.

                                    I always wondered why she would run away from a dog she so much loved and adored. She would not even let me joke on him. There was one time I suggested we would get rid of rocky when we she was once complaining of how rocky scares her by licking her legs, she says she gets Goosebumps when he does that. Its true hell has known no fury like a woman gone angry. She would not even talk to me for the next couple of days.

                                                There was this incident once, I think a couple of years back. One fine holiday there was this site to watch, A really memorable one she would never have done it had she been awake. There was in the bed two angels sleeping together hugging each other. Had I had a chance I would have frozen time and stood there watching my girl and her little doggy, sleeping like two little children. But of course then rocky had to do that, the stupid act of ruining a very quiet morning, after all he is just our stupid dog. He licked her chin and oh my god then there was screaming and running and barking and total chaos. Even neighbors called in to check if all was okay. That was the one day in my life.

                                    It happed a couple of days back, A call from her in the evening confirmed our little rocky has gone to the afterlife. She was weeping over the phone and though there was many a miles that separated us I could hear her words crack and her weak heartbeat. It was not much of a surprise we were expecting it. For the last couple of months he would not eat and he was often sick and lazy no running around and he would often walk away from home and we had to go and bring him back. He was showing signs. And he died two days ago! It did hit as a bit hard no matter how sick he was and how convinced he was going to die, we still hoped that he could one fine morning spring back to his former naughty self and chase my girlfriend around the house.

                                    I too miss him , May be one day when we have a life and get a house , we would buy a little doggy and love him too, But rocky will forever be the rocky and he will be remembered for ever. Many things died along with him and now that’s a space that’s really vacant. My girlfriend had a dog and he died!


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Daffodils in Life’s way

                                       Many a daffodils laughed upon the little road by a brook, many a birds chirped upon the humble grass they fed on. Many waves lashed the shores and many a winds sang the song of nature. But marched on the soldiers of today, dreaming. A world of tomorrow they lost for the world of today they had

                                       How many has a seen a daffodil? Many have I suppose, but how many has a seen a daffodil today? Not many I should think. Where did these daffodils go? Did they just vanish or had they all withered. But neither had happened, the truth is you just did not see them today, they were there and they were still blossoms but they were not seen. These daffodils are like shadows they appear and go but they are hardly noticed.

                                       Often in life the most memorable are memories of small things. These little things that you have seen and you have heard will play a role in life that no big things will. The beauty of remaining fall is that they shall be only discovered by the wise. The intelligent has sight but only the wise knows where to look. The little things you have done for someone and the little things they did it for you are all in the package. The amount and magnitude of things are secondary to the way it was done for you.

                                       Those small moments of love and that instant of a smile, aren’t those that you cherish more that the grades you scored in 1oth grade?

                                       But somehow along the line, people forget what they seek and they pursue things they think they want. They forget to see what the daffodils along the way by looking up at the crowd ahead. They do fail to realize that if they won’t be finding happiness along the way they hardly will find it at the end of the journey. Everyone should now and then halt and take a look around. They will be bewildered by the sings they see by simply looking at them.

                                       Everyone I would like to tell you something, when on any journey make sure that you take a time out for yourself, you can discover answers to many complex questions by simple looking at the world around us. Nature is a great teacher and an ultimate adobe of all information. But after all make sure to see the daffodils before you walk away.

Dreamscape: A world of Possibilities

                                       The world of dreams is as dreamy as it can ever get. It’s so dreamy that any attempt to define or describe it would miss their mark by a very considerable amount. Dreams are something so personalisable that they define the very concept of owning. Dreams blur the thin line between the real and the imaginary. Every person has their very personal set of dreams. It’s something that they keep very close to themselves or for a few it’s something that despise more than anything.

                                       The dreamscape is the setting of a dream and what differentiates the dreamscape from the world of imagination is the level of details and accuracy of events involved. Doubt it? Have you noticed that when in a dream you really feel that it is real? The dreams provide you with an alternate reality. The reality produced is not often a logical set of events but a set of events and people somehow related to you produced before you in some random fashion. Scientist does argue that the sequence of events are non-logically related but somehow related through some process. But let’s not discuss these technicalities.

On dream that I particularly remember is this one, unlike most dreams I have had they are not a series of visuals from some random part of my brain but it was a very close to heart dream. The setting of the dream fell at a time when I have had achieved success in life letting my think of the possible ways of using my remnant life. Quite deep! It’s is what I thought of it at first but further thought revealed to me that the dream itself had large credentials to look into?

                                       A person bored of wealth and a hectic lifestyle I had decide to abandon it all and seclude myself to an isolated life and my lovely wife has decided to accompany me. Living such a life produced to me many questions of the utility of life. Then the I in my dreams decided to move into countryside have a nice house and go teach. Teaching to me seemed as absurd as it sound snow, but soon I found out that there is nothing in life as rewarding as this is. This life I liked as much as it sounds now.

                                       The dream opened before a new tread of thought that I had never ever had before it opened by eyes to a world that lay before me but I never bothered to look. Dreams are powerful, so powerful that they can instill new thoughts in you and they can make people change overnight. Dreams are fundamental to health so is it fundamental to the person’s purpose on earth. To dream is a great ability, and to dream big is phenomenal but to be able to dream and act up on it is talent.