Wednesday, 26 May 2010

When it rained

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Its was not so long ago that we knew the heartbeat of the monsoon. it came ,we knew it will come , we knew it will rain and it does .Surely it was not far away that the sweet aroma of the dry earth intoxicated me and soaked the soil as it drizzled on .and i do remember the voice of the rain its stories and the coldness of its shower.

It was the first day at school and rain did welcome as it always did we soaked we played and we enjoyed the music of the rain.It threatened as with anger and shooed as with light ,yet we stayed on and enjoyed it,.The times ,i remember watching the brilliant spectacle of light that opened upon the dark night sky. the dazzling electrifying patters of light that was something far away for my room's little terrace yet was something closer for my little heart.

Now ,the patterns are all lost ,it comes and it goes as if it no longer cares ,its anger that it shows, not elegance of the grand show. i still enjoy the drizzle the shower and  down pour yet something is missing ,the rhythm of the song is lost for now but it cant be lost for ever can it be no i don't think so its the beauty of earth it always shall and can put on a memorable show.

May be it no longer rains beautifully because they do not enjoy it ,after all the pleasure of an artist is the pleasure of the audience . now they are too busy for the 'small' big things in life . i wonder what i will remember in my death ,the day i enjoyed life or the day i got screwed for being late to death.after happiness is a choice and i think everyone should chose it wisely. it will come back if you long for it. happiness and pleasure will be yours if you want it to be ,but still you should search for it in the small things in life .

The way it rains is the art of nature but a lost art for now,I do miss the days when it really rained.outside and inside .

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Friday, 21 May 2010

In the days of the Weddings

Weddings ! weddings are  great , The communion , The bliss , The one event in life no matter how many times you have it its still very different and no matter what ! you will remember it.  These actually a very happy occasion when a new person becomes a part of you for ever and you celebrate it in the way the occasion demands, With champagne and toasts and rings and kisses and lots of friends to stand by you in that one one moment in life where you made the most beautiful "mistake of your life".

We do go for a lot of weddings these days don't we ?

Actually i myself has gone to a fair share of my weddings too. Grand and spell bounding are those all those people all the glitter the pomp and the show the beautiful bride the handsome groom and the wonderfully splendid ceremony..

Yet these days hardly are their any marriages just weddings no bonds no strings attached they are marrying because they have to not because they want to.they do marry for everything except for love , the one thing that should be the one thing.

Actually one jewelery franchise has gone to extend of asking one to get married just for the wedding jewelery.
I dont blame them they just did what they have to do to get their commodity sold in this ridiculously stupid market that bites whatever is thrown with a smile.but it asks the Great question , Whether anybody marries at all ,In India we are used to it people see romance as a sin but not that much these days , yet they have a hard time coming out of the old ways,.

All those gold and all those money spend on nothing nowadays a wedding do cost a fortune .Waste of money i call it ,atleast it could have been justified if the couples actually wanted to be couples at all....

Alas these are surely the days of the weddings not marriages. hope it changes because its good to hope of a day when one marries for the love and just nothing more at all.............

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Maoist Mayhem :Enough is Enough.............

"All is blood from horizon to horizon , Innocent blood rain heavily ,Yet watches in vain the able ones"

Gravity of the situation still seems to elude even the highest of power circle.I can get it frankly, why is not the force being used ? Wonder what they are waiting for, they want a pearl harbor in India or a Massacre of innocent Tax Payers to be able to act. Those reckless Cannibals are roaming around killing and blowing up the helpless day after day  and their seems to be hardly any action done against.

They have now confident enough to act after giving a prior warning .its hight time to act ,something has to be done to save the millions that are being sacrificed by the delay.We boasts the worlds fourth largest army and yet we are not using ,them our security personnels are becoming nothing more than mere scape goats for some filthy no gooders.

Isn't it already time that we should these devils the might of our resolve and show them that we can protect our land against all evil within and without with the same heaviness in he hands and the same clarity and resolve in our heads .we cant give up our nation to these few hundred brain washed killing machines because we do love it .

It is were we are born it is our land our India and we should protect against all malice and treat all those who try to hurt it ,even dare take a pinch of its sands with an Iron hand . shouldnt we?

Monday, 17 May 2010

Island Nation

What happens when a crowd turns lonely....

It took this marvelous train journey to understand what it is to be left alone in a real crouwd , your friend ignore u thats all fine but in a real crowd a crowded , how can you be alone . No one even looking at you, very strange right...............

People learn communication skills now a days when they hardly communicates at all. they subject themselves to the felony of business to hide their underling loneliness ,else how could i not get none to even look at me .

even is it is to ask me switch of the high volume music play back service that i was providing them for their utter displeasure.

this has been much of my travel experiences lately, smile is quite a scarce commodity ,the world seems to be reluctant to even accept it just like that.its quite understandable in this world were yellow smiles are outnumbering the 'good at heart ones 'by a million to one .

this world has lost its collectives sense just a number of ands running around in despair and distress. let the one who can save us send us a Saviour, a Saviour with a golder heart and and tongue of eloquence

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Capitalistic India......?

Last evening in our college dormitory we friends had a fight on general topics that changed topics faster than a chameleon could change its colours and in the zeniths of this unending saga of a debate we came upon " Capitalism and Communism".All of a sudden i was stumped by a direct question whether india is Capitalistic or Communist " and for quick just shouted " Capitalist " duely placing a bulls eye on me and ending being their favorite target.

of course i made a mess of my answer and was not a true answer ,after all India is a Mixed economy but when i thought of my tragic and disgraced escape from that dreaded place , i thought its quite true that India is vcapitalistic nature isnt it doesnt matter what text books say but still.

Of course many of the industries are in the hands of the government but sadly our government is n the hands of the people with deep pockets . its quite a phenomenon world wide isnt it . look at it this way the billionares control the goverment and the government consist of poor billionares that cheat poor people with a sweat yello smile and place themselves on the temples of power just to ignore the 'poor bastards' that blaced them there.

its quite usel4ess to talk of it as i can do nothing about it with such a post , for so long so many has talked on it and this goes on and on . but all iw anted is to say for it gives me a pleasure to have reacted in some way than just be the silent victim of this carnage ...........